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Did Darwin Have A Sense Of Humor?

By Josyah Wilton Danfield
The Daily Apocrypha Staff

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. After all, we live in a world of bullfights, boxing, assassinations, muggings, Federal building bombings, hijackings and mid-air explosions, and O.J. Simpson. America's Funniest Home Cardiac Arrests will likely make #1 in the ratings next year. Towns can vie with each other for the most homeless freezing to death on their sidewalks and vents. Our citizens will continue to opt for disposable pets and children.

Given all that, are the Darwin Awards any surprise?

Some pundit(s) decided to 'award' perceived stupidity or misfortune by writing up the details of particularly bizarre demises and putting them in the running for the Darwin Award, bestowed upon those who in the uncharitable view of the judges are least likely to make the natural selection cut. The list runs long, line after line after paragraph after page of tales of death and maiming, of matters and methods pursued just one step too far, of unwise acts catching up with the unwary.

We, the readers, are not expected to learn from these snippets of disaster. Instead, we are invited to laugh at and ridicule the unfortunate and hapless nominees. It's an ego boost of Godzillan proportions to know that we, the superior, the elite, would never make a less-than-optimal choice, would never suffer the dark clouds of misfortune.

  • Does it make you feel superior to read the tales of the Darwin Award nominees?

  • Do you laugh and chuckle through each count of genital maiming, skull fractures, drowning and crush injuries?

  • Do you forward the Darwin Award text to your friends and colleagues, with a comradely comment of "look what the morons are up to now" and each account punctuated with "LOL!"?

My friend...have you considered seeking therapy?


Josyah Wilton Danfield is the author of "'All The News That Fits The Prince' and Other Tales in Ink", published by Sublingua Press in 1997. His Letters of Opinion appear regularly in The Daily Apocrypha.

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