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Hello, Dalai...

By Desirée Abilene Murphy
The Daily Apocrypha Staff

April 13, 1998 saw the announcement that Apple Computer replaced the Dalai Lama in its Asian region Apple Computer "Think Different" ads with someone more recognizable. Ah, you say, perhaps Apple selected a highly placed government official from the region? Or maybe a famous Asian scientist or cultural icon? How about an influential writer or artist from the East?

'Fraid not. Apple Computer chose someone MUCH more recognizable in the Asian sphere.

Amelia Earhart.

Yes. THAT Amelia Earhart. As in 'deceased.' As in 'lost in the Pacific some time ago.' As fond as I am of Earhart's story, I do have to wonder: how can Amelia Earhart (deceased aviatrix) be more recognizable that the Dalai Lama (living religious icon)?

It's sooooooo 'Apple': using dead people to promote a platform that, given Steve Jobs, will likely be flatline faster than you can say "Newton".

Then again, the real reason Apple chose Amelia Earhart is that it's a matter of convenience--they can look for Steve Jobs' common sense at the same time they are looking for Amelia.


Desirée Abilene Murphy was the recipient of the 2007 Frydecker Award for Excellence in Broadcast and Print Journalism. Her opinion column appears regularly in The Daily Apocrypha.

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hi liz, what's up! when I got your e-mail I wanted to call you right away and I said no let me write her back and then she will tell me. what is the juicy story oh my God I am so eager to hear about it. I hope it is not your promotion because I already know about that long time ago (congra) so please write back soon with the wore.

Me and Senait were in New York this weekend for 3 days and it was fun we didn't have to pay for anything. but as I told you that she was going to win the prize she didn't I think I got the wrong info from the wrong person I was disappointed but I was really glad that I didnt tell her about it-because she would have been more disapointed too anyway don't mention to her anyting. So have you heard form Ethiopia. They have finally started the war and I worried that it is going to hit Addis I guess we just have to pray that everybody would be fine. Beterefe ene yoni dehna nachew I have talked to them about a week ago. Mimi and Pusu started school already Yoni was looking for a job and I don't know how far he has gotten. ok sis I wrote all this to hear the juicy story so it better be the juiciest and I will be checking in the morning. Oh by the way I am writing you from home Now I got a computer here. How I got it is a long story I will tell you on the phone. And also I have another e-mail address ... but this more secure because me and achu both use the other one so if you want to write secret use the hotmail address. It's really nice to have internet at home, when you are bored you do a lot of things on it and time goes really fast.

About my journey to Rome it hasn't got too far, I was thinking of coming there in March but when I contacted Italian Embassy they said that I have to have a hotel reservation or an invitation from you so I was lazy to do all that. But I will start checking tickets and when I get a bargain I will be there.

Oh Lord I wrote a lot I felt like I was talking with you I kept writing I really missed you so much. I was thinking about you when I was in New york-u know how senait start acting sometimes :) but I was able to control myself and show nothing- I am grown now. Ok I am almost running out of space so let me stop before I lose everyththing I wrote so far. It has happened before. Please write me about everybody in Ehtiopia. (emaye, Mulugetha, Martha, Ayalew) ok I don't know why but I missed them and i haven't talked to them for long time

ok sis bye for now .

I love you so much and write me soon.

love always

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