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It May Come to Pass "You should just be careful with your money" - 2/12/2020

Kayla creased the list, then worried the paper's corner as she mentally added up the few items in the cart. No extravagances, only the essentials—tinned vegetables, and the store's loss leader rotisserie chicken from the day before. Carefully remove the meat and cook the bones for broth, she'd be able to offer the kids chicken stew. And a loaf of remaindered bread. She hoped to be able to get another week of school lunches out of the depleted jars of store-brand peanut butter and jelly at home. She hurried through the cereal aisle to avoid temptation, already hearing the kids' pleas from memory. With the morning breakfast program at school, at least Addy and Johne wouldn't go hungry all morning. She wanted maybe some instant coffee, perhaps some tea…but in the end, she gave in to buying two small apples, fragrant and fresh, for dessert for the children. Even with all her careful tallies, it was still too much. She double-bagged the chicken, and packed everything into an old canvas tote. Not enough for bus fare home, again. A bitter wind tore at her scarf as she set out for her four-mile walk home.

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